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Taking a stand for good health

By Art Carey

Inquirer Columnist

The newspaper business has its excitement, but it’s awfully sedentary. I sit when I interview people. I sit when I transcribe notes. I sit when I write. In a typical day, I sit in front of a computer six to eight hours.

My colleagues – and millions of other Americans – do likewise, making us prime candidates for “sitting disease” and its associated ailments – obesity, diabetes, stroke, heart attack, arthritis, cancer, and depression.

I’ve tried to fight back. I commute to the Word Mill by bike. I run at lunchtime. Throughout the day, I drop to the floor and do push-ups. Better than nothing, but still not enough to halt the deleterious effects of prolonged sitting.

In short, chairs are hazardous to your health. We were made to spend our days upright, to move and use our bodies. In the course of their hunting and foraging, our primordial ancestors covered the distance of a marathon and more every day. Your body’s components – brain, heart, muscles, joints, circulatory, digestive and lymphatic systems – all function better when stimulated by movement.

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