Treadmill Desks

How Sitting is Hazardous to Your Health!

Would you like to start an exercise routine that is easy to follow, takes NO extra time, and burns hundreds of calories a day – even if you have never stuck to a workout routine in your life?

Enter…. the treadmill desk!  I am speaking from personal experience here.  Like most of us, I’m super busy (in my case, with two small children) and figuring out how to get my exercise turned into nothing but a cycle of motivation, a couple weeks of killing 4-5 hours at the gym each week, fatigue, and fizzle out!  It was demoralizing.

Then I heard a segment on National Public Radio about a company that had created a work-while-you-walk-station.  He proceeded to describe the setup – a desk, with a walking treadmill underneath, designed for people to be able to walk while they work at their desk.  I was instantly, completely obsessed.  Walk while I work at my computer? Its genius!  I would be able to get my exercise without making ANY additional time commitments.  I could do all the things I have to do anyway AND be getting exercise!

However, the clincher is that the setup came with a hefty price tag of $5000! Ouch!

I knew I couldn’t justify that, especially since at that point, the idea of working at a treadmill desk was just that – an *idea.*  I wasn’t sure if I would like it – would it really work?  Can I really type? Will I fall off?  Will it collect dust like 90%  of treadmills that people buy??

However, not easily dissuaded, I proceeded to keep my eye out out for less expensive alternatives.  I’m not looking for style (though, frankly, I think my Treadmill Desk is damn sexy!) – I wanted something that works and when I thought about what it would take to re-create the set up, all I really needed was the desk, the desk measurements, and a treadmill I knew would fit beneath it.  I looked, but nada.

Then, low and behold, the clouds parted and I discovered the Trek Desk.  My heart pounded, I read the 5 star reviews, and…. drumroll please….. a $500 price tag!  (What a difference a “0” can make!). That  desk, plus a treadmill and I could have my setup for under $1000 if I worked it right.

And I worked it! I bought the treadmill desk, use it daily (OK…. almost daily) and have never looked back!

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